Hello, it's Oden.
These days, i don't have enough time and motivation to up-date my diary. But finally, i realised i need something to record my life in England and now i starts writing Oden's Den again!!

Firstly, I put some new photos on my 'mini album' in my website "Oden goes England"( I should cahge the title 'cos I AM in England now.hahaha). Anyway, please have a look!!

Secondly, I want to talk about the musical and play I saw the other days.
One is 'Phantom of the Opera' and it was really good. I really like the music. And another is ' You never can tell'. Actuall, during the play, I fall asleep few minites...I cant say it was REALLY fan, but it was interesting anyway. Oh, yes, I also saw a Shakespeare play, as you know. 'Twelfth night' was really great. They didnt use Classical Costumes but the set and their modern costume were really good indeed. I really enjoyed it even I couldnt understand the lines.(it was too difficult for me to understand English of Shakespeare's time)

Finally, I tell you all who kindly reading my blog that I'll go back to Japan in December. My Japanese friends and me are really looking forward to going back to Japan now. Before that, we have to take IELTS on 3rd Dec, but about 2 week later, I can eat nice Japanese food. I dont have to cook SOMEN with SUITO at least for a month..... of course i'm enjoiyng life in England but I cant stand British dishes and it already made me really fat!!! Shit!! (0h, sorry.)

Ok, for now, I have to say good bye to you.
And See you soon...
by odens_den | 2005-11-23 19:37 | 日本人の日常

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