I just need more motivation...

Hi, it's Oden. I'm being very lazy these days.

I just feel I need more motivation for STUDYING...

Just a week left for until IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) exam...

But I haven't done anything... shit.

Yesterday morning, I woke up and found really feeling bad.

Unusual and too much exercise made me extremery tired.

By the way, these days I'm crazy about TV dramas.

First one is "HERO". they broadcast it again these days cos the new scesen(?) is coming next month.

Second one is "Sixfeet Under". Do you know that??

It's American TV drama about a family living as undertaker.

Another one is "Startreck".

I didn't like Sci Fi before but I just found it really interesting these days.

I can't say much cos I just started watching it but really fan...

Every time I go HMV in London, I think to buy "Sixfeet Under"' DVD box,

but becouse of economical problem, I haven't made it yet . orz.

And the very drama I look for is "OC". I'm interested in Mischa Barton.

Anyway, for now, excuse me to see "Sixfeet Under".

by odens_den | 2006-06-30 01:06 | 日本人の日常

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