My face, my nationality...

Can't sleep at night these days. Hi. How are you?

Since long before I wanted to ask people this question.

How do you distinguish people's nationality??

Especially for Asians, it seems quite difficult since mostly we have same race.

However, I don't know why but I can recognize who is from which country and usually my guess is correct.

(of couse not for European. it is impossible, you see.)

Last week, my sister went to Singapole for her shool trip.

In Singapole, she often asked this question,

"Are you Chinese?"

I felt really interesting, because I'm also often asked this question from Chinese people (!!)

Do we have "Chinese" appearence? But no one say so in Japan.

As for me, some people also asked me if I am Korean as well.

Quite interesting, and I enjoy being misunderstood my nationality(^_^)

Hopely, my dream is someday after I master both Chinese and Korean, pretend as local person and enjoy travels in Asia!!
by odens_den | 2006-07-02 04:50 | 日本人の日常

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