good morning.

good morning there!

i just started preparing for trip to Tokyo.ha.

now just i found something interesting.

i was watching MTV japan, and found a band called "amplified".

they totally looked like japanese, but actually not.

u might know, especially if u r the person just visited HK.

yeah, they are from HK. and quite young.

three of them were born in1990.

how young. even one year yonger my sister.

they made me feel, u know,

such a young people already started theire carrier.

it's not only about "stars" but i mean all people already started something for their life.

compared with them, how lazy i am.

just feel abit dipreseed. (im really easy to be dipressed, u see.)

oh year, why i wrote about them are of course their music was really good.

anyway, from today to 2nd of august,

i'll help my sister, find a uni fit to her for her brillian carrier!!

i gonna be a good supporter. must be.

just pray we don't have stupid argument like last time.

and it's the time to SHOPPING!!!!!!!


Thak you!

by odens_den | 2006-07-28 08:30 | 日本人の日常

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